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Alkalinity Plus

Alkalinity Plus

SKU: Alkalinity Plus

ecoone Alkalinity Plus, 2lbs


  • BALANCED POOL AND SPA WATER: Low water alkalinity and imbalanced pH levels in your pool or spa can cause pitting, etching, and weakening of plaster surfaces. They can also lead to corrosion of metal fixtures. Alkalinity Plus+ is formulated to help you avoid the difficulty of maintaining proper pH levels, also known as “pH Bounce”. This water treatment agent increases water alkalinity and manages chlorine levels, for ideal water pH levels.
  • SIMPLE, SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Alkalinity Plus+ makes controlling the pH and chlorine levels in your pool or spa water a simple process. It does not use VOCs, phosphates, chlorine, perfumes, dyes, or fragrances. This eliminates exposure to harsh chemicals that irritate the skin and eyes. For best results, adjust alkalinity before pH. If alkalinity levels are less than 75 ppm, add 2 to 3 tablespoons to water. Follow this procedure until the total alkalinity is in the correct range of 80 to 120 ppm.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL POOLS AND SPAS: EcoOne water balancing powder is compatible with all pool types. Whether you have an above-ground pool, in-ground pool, hot tub, spa, jacuzzi, or luxury bath, this agent will work to keep the water swim and relaxation ready. Add Alkalinity Plus+ to your stock of pool cleaning supplies and know that your pool or spa is safe to use at any time.
  • NO LEFTOVER GRANULES: Unlike other powder spa treatments on the market, our natural formulation is quick-dissolving and completely safe. You will never have to worry about contaminant build-up, or finding floating bits of chemical. EcoOne takes pool and spa care to the next level with our Alkalinity Plus+ formula. This agent is biodegradable, environmentally safe, and excellent for people with sensitive skin.
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