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Spa Covers

Spa Covers

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13 colors to choose from. Our cover features a 5 x 3 taper, aluminum channeling for support, padded vinyl covered handles, reinforced stitching, enhanced white thread, box "X" stitching, full length steam stopper and a double layered vinyl skirt!


  • 2 lb foam density
  • 4 child-proof locking tie downs
  • Marine grade vinyl or sunbrella material available


All of our covers include delivery and installation within a 50 mile radius of our office. 

*3-5 week lead time* 

*If you cover is over 91", we will have to add a $50 up charge*


How to Measure for a New Cover


It is best if you measure your existing cover and not your spa. In order to get the proper length and width, measure across the seam, then perpendicular to that. If your spa has cut our radius corners be sure to measure them as well. The final measurement required will be the skirt size. The skirt is the small flap that is sewn on to the bottom of the cover, the skirt would cover the acrylic lip that sticks out
from the spas cabinet.

If you do not have a cover to measure from, then you must measure all the outside dimensions of the spa. The cover has a flap around the edges of the spa called a skirt. The skirt must easily sit over the edges of the spa, with a little room to spare.

It is always better to make the cover size a little bit bigger than your spa when measuring. If you make a mistake, and measure too small, the cover will not fit properly, will not sit flat and will not hold the heat in.

All covers come with Four Tie-Downs with child-proof locks and locks that can either be attached to the wood spa cabinet or be screwed to a deck.

Spas come in a variety of "standard" shapes. Determining your units shape will help
you order the proper cover.

Determine your style and measure per drawing below.

Square = L x W
Rectangle = L x W
Square with cut corners = L x W x Cut Corner Dimension
Rectangle with cut corners = L x W x Cut Corner Dimension
Square with rounded corners = L x W x Radius Dimensions
Rectangle with rounded corners = L x W x Radius Dimension
Square with one cut corner = L x W Cut Corner Dimension
Square with two cut corners = L x W x Cut Corner Dimension
Ellipse or taper = Must supply a template and/or specific make, year and model of spa
True Octagon = L x W x Dimension of one side
Off-set Octagon = L x W x Dimension of each side (8 total)
Six Sided = L x W x Dimension of each side (6 total)
Round = Diameter


    Due to being custom ordered, covers are non-refundable and no returns.


    Shipping is FREE! We will drop ship the cover directly to you! Covers ship approximitly 5-6 weeks after ordering.